Mary Stone's

Favorite Baskets and Celebrity Photos

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Mary in December, 1993 weaving while wearing a traditional Cherokee dress.


No, the ruler isn't really big; here are some of Mary's miniatures. Despite their size, they are all double-walled baskets.
here for a closer look.


Martha, Nannie, and Mary Woodard Stone (Mary's grandmother, on the right). Picture was taken in the early 1900's in Cherokee County, Tahlequah, Indian Territory (present day Tahlequah, Oklahoma).


Mary at Red Earth 1994 with Former Oklahoma Governor David Boren.


Michael Horse and his wife pose with Mary at Red Earth 1995.


Actor Larry Sellers with Mary at Red Earth 1995.


Mary at Global Oklahoma, Rose State College, Midwest City, OK in October 1994.


Mary with her mentor, Mavis Doering at Haskell Indian Nations University, September 1994.


Last but not least is Mary's cat "Lone Ranger," so named for the mask she wears. She thinks she's Mary's biggest helper.


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